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Toddler Bedtime Hack

Toddler Bedtime Hack

Bedtime Battles. 🌪 You did all the right things, dinner on time (sort of), bath time, stuck to your routine, we're in jammies, final countdown!!! "Okay! it's bedtime," you see your toddler's brows furrow and HERE COMES THE FURY⁠ 🌪⁠

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!? You've had the same routine every single night for 3.5 years and you'd THINK your toddler would get the drill by now: After bath, after teeth, it's time for bed, EVERY ✨blessed✨ day, so, how could this possibly be a surprise?!⁠ 🤔⁠

Here’s the bedtime struggle hack: ✨GIVE A CHOICE✨⁠

Your toddler’s brain is obsessed with power - and I mean OBSESSED.🧠 So when it comes to bedtime, and they want to keep playing, they're gonna give you a HARD NO when you ask if they're ready for bed. First pro tip? NEVER ask, "Are you ready for bed?" ALWAYS confidently, calmly state, "It's bedtime."🕺🏾💃🏼🕺🏿⁠

Then, instead of fighting that urge for power, which leads to endless bedtime power struggles, go WITH it.⁠

Here’s the ultimate toddler hack: Give your toddler the ✨feeling✨ of control by offering small choices for them to make. This makes them feel POWERFUL and part of the process, rather than just orders being barked at them. It literally switches their brain from fight mode, to collaboration mode.✅⁠

Parent chooses the big stuff:⁠
✨What time she goes to bed⁠
✨Tasks before bed: teeth, jammies etc⁠

Toddler chooses the small stuff:⁠
✨Which PJs to wear⁠
✨Which lovey to snuggle⁠
✨Which book to read⁠

This makes her feel POWERFUL and part of the process. PS this hack goes beyond bedtime. Offer small choices when you sense a “NO!” coming your way, and let us know how it goes.⁠

Last tip: If they feel overwhelmed with open ended choices, especially for the younger toddlers, offer a choice between two specific things:⁠ "Would you like to wear your truck jammies or your panda jammies?"⁠
⁠"Should we read Pony book or Wonder Woman book?"

This post was brought to you by @biglittlefeelings. More than a toy designer, be mindful is a community of parents who are going through the process of building the best denizens of next generation.  As such we encourage and delight in our community participating in our blog and social media efforts.  Your voice will be heard across our community and who knows which kid or which parent your wisdom will enlighten!  Feel free to email us at or submit an inquiry on our site if you have a blog post idea you want to share!


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