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Potty time

Staying Home

Staying Home

We are all stuck in our homes and there seems to be this unspoken pressure on us mamas to make sure that we have tons of activities planned. 

That we have our days perfectly scheduled, and planned out by the hour.

I know I feel the pressure! 

Don’t get me wrong I do sometimes have fun activities planned for my toddler, but most of the time...I don’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

From one mama to the next I know how stressful it can be to make sure you’re helping your child learn and grown inside the home. 

I mean, some mamas have even gone from “mom” to “teacher” overnight. (You are freaking rockstars)

There’s so much on our shoulders and we forget that it’s OKAY if we aren’t doing it all.

The most important thing our children need during this period at home is quality time with us! 

Whether that’s watching a movie as a family, coloring, or playing a game together. 

Take each day as it comes and don’t stress about having everything planned perfectly. Allow yourself to breathe, and cut yourself some slack. 

You’re still a good mom if you don’t do fun Pinterest crafts every single day or even at all.

You’re still a good mom if today your kids did nothing but sit around and watch cartoons. 

Your kiddos are going to be just fine, and we will make it through this bump in the road. While we have it, we might as well take advantage of this time we have at home. 

You’ve got this mamas, and we are in this thing together. 💪♥️

This post was brought to you by @tori.mccain. More than a toy designer, be mindful is a community of parents who are going through the process of building the best denizens of next generation.  As such we encourage and delight in our community participating in our blog and social media efforts.  Your voice will be heard across our community and who knows which kid or which parent your wisdom will enlighten!  Feel free to email us at or submit an inquiry on our site if you have a blog post idea you want to share!

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Potty time

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