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Source of Heartache

Source of Heartache

This balloon was the source of heartache for my little girl yesterday evening.

It was a gift and I held it for her on our way home without knowing she had planned to do a victory march with it. She was reminded of the plan as we stepped home and brawled instantly.

“I want to go to the car now and walk back home with the balloon! Please, Mama!” She repeated that at least 5 times, crying out loud.

As much as this seemed trivial, I could tell how important it was for her.

Should I pacify her by bringing her back to the car or should I tell her how ridiculous her request was?


I hugged her and told her I knew how much that meant to her. But we were not going back. She cried louder. It was tough listening to her cry but I stood by her.

🌿I allowed her space for that much needed that catharsis. That big emotion was probably jumbled with hunger and tiredness - after all, it’s been a long day.

Then, as she calmed down a little, I patted her shoulder playfully. “Hey, hey. Look at the balloon! You like it?”.

She paused, “Yes, Mama.”, looking baffled.

“I’m sure it must be fun to walk around with it. Do you STILL want to ENJOY it?”.

She nodded.

“It must be difficult for you to lose your chance to walk home with it and your thoughts are still stuck at the car. Would you like to play with the balloon now? Look at how fun it’s fluttering with the wind!

“What happened just now was terrible, but we are now home, dear. And you will not enjoy your balloon if you are still thinking about what happened.”

I knew something phenomenal must be going on in her mind because she broke into a smile.

That instant illumination in her face told me she is now ready to enjoy her balloon.

All ready to enjoy it now, in this moment.

🌿And that, was a lesson on mindfulness;
on being fully present;
on feeling your heart(aches)
and letting it go.

Letting things go does not denote denial.

🌿Letting go is the full acknowledgement of our pain, and giving ourselves another shot at enjoying the happiness.

🌿This, is joy in the here and now.

🕊This, is mindfulness.


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