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Give time to your thoughts, open your mind and don't give space to sad and negative words in your mind. enjoy the smiles that you love, a hug or a kiss from your husband, your children or your dog (especially if it is like mine that gives thousands of kisses a day 👀❤) and of course don't be afraid to give the best of you especially with those you love so much, compare less, judge less, criticize less, share nice things and words of encouragement others, smile everywhere, look more around you, enjoy the air, the wind, the rain and the sun.



Laugh at everything, smile more and anger less, there are always reasons to smile, even in the difficult times there is always a reason to smile and to be happy, create that habit of finding the good in everything, the smile feeds the soul!


Music is one of my most valuable tools to brighten my days, nothing better to fill you with beautiful energy than dancing and singing.


Positive words

Words are magic. Create a habit of waking up every morning and filling yourself with beautiful and positive words, remember how beautiful and valuable you are, start your day feeding your mind with beautiful words, look at yourself in the mirror and remember how valuable you are. Leave an open space that everything good enters your life!


Help somebody

Nothing can make you happier than being helpful, always find a way to help, every morning when you talk to God remind him that you are an instrument in his hands to help others, make yourself available to be the hands of someone that needs it. 



Exercise opens our mind relaxes and oxygenates us. Nothing more healthy, nothing recharge us of positive energy that exercise, spend at least 15 minutes a day to do any kind of exercise it will make you happier and make you feel better and it give you the energy for the activities of your day !!


Be grateful

Be thankful every morning and every night, grateful for every thing that God has given you or has taken away from you, be grateful make room for beautiful things in your life, remind you  how valuable you are and what is really worth in your life !!




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Potty time

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